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A message from our founder


My Testimony: Ownership of my life


Even with the brief period of my life at “The Israelite” church with my father, I never identified myself under one sect of religion. I never believed in separation of any kind whether it was power, goodness, etc—we are all equals under one God. I am blessed with the gift of discernment like all else, and am open and loving to all at different walks of life and cherished values.
In my earlier years, it was impossible to hold fast onto this faith amidst relentless pain and confusion. For what seemed like the majority of my years, I held so much anger and resentment in my heart because of the constant abuse and rejection I faced from not only my parents but also from the men whom I had chosen to fill in the void. Despite such destructive relationships, I always knew I was unique and deserving of happiness and fulfillment.
This realization of self-love sparked in me a spiritual revelation that brought me back to a small denomination church with my foster sisters. It was well into my early 20’s when I fully immersed myself in the newfound revelation and reality of God. That was the first time I’d felt convicted to swallow my pride—a feat I never knew I could achieve. This meant fighting pass my pain and making amends with my father I hadn’t spoken to for 10 years–Letting go of that anger released me to the freedom to be myself, enabling me to openly share my testimony with those who are in need of empathy and guidance.

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