Commitment Program


We feel that 2 years is both an ample and crucial amount of time to build a solid foundation for life-long success. Our education mentors and Case Manager will work together to motivate, support and encourage the progression of individual resident. Due to the rigorous nature followed by the guaranteed success of our program, we enforce the six month commitment and dedication rule. This rule is designed to maximize the use of residency and to give all other hopeful self-motivated women the opportunity to apply and reap the benefits of the Divine Restoration life reconstruction program.


Each Resident will…

Sign a 6-Month commitment contract. This will state that they

will agree to stay with our program for a total of 6 months, if

they drop out before the 6 months, they are not eligible to

reapply for another year of their dismissal date.

*If they drop out by the date after the 6th month, they are eligible

to reapply immediately but not guaranteed acceptance. All this

is determined by our Case Managers reevaluation of their

progress prior to drop out date. If accepted to return, another

contract will be signed that will state that they will be on a

month to month probation that will carry out until the

remainder of the two year program. With this new contract,

Divine Restoration can revoke their residence at any time.