Life Skills and Communication

An essential element for perseverance through hardship is the ability to exhibit strong communication skills. Our ultimate plan is to promote and exercise communication effectively, fluently and with self-assurance towards the general public and potential employers. The best way to achieve this is to encourage our residents to own their voice through team participation and acceptance without discrimination. The Life, Skill and Communication Program take the highest priority in importance in Divine Restoration.


Upon the initial arrival, each resident will receive a personal journal that used as the Case Management Program communication tool. The journal and its contents will be kept confidential and private to the resident and the case manager. This exercise will be used as a platformfor expression of personal thoughts, issues, habits and ideas. By doing so,the journal will become a reliable resource to monitor progression and above all, validation of growth. Journaling will apply to all of Divine Restoration’s mentors, volunteers and staff members. We hope that the open sharing of this journal between all individuals will build trust and develop positive, enduring relationships within the residence.In addition to free-thought and journal sharing, every individual will have the opportunity to order a topic of choice that will be shared at the meeting. A focused topic will guide journal group meetings toward realization of similarities and differences in perspective—fostering empathy and respect toward fellow residents.