The Story


L   A   K   E   S   H   I   A





About the Founder

Born in 1978 in Michigan, Lakeshia fled from her abusive father at an early age of 12, residing in temporary homes scattered throughout Saginaw, including drug supply homes, child-receiving facilities and foster homes imbedded in urban high-crime areas. In light of her instability, her case worker insisted on finding a permanent home; however, after the failed attempt of reuniting her with her biological mom who resided in Aurora, CO, she ran back to Michigan’s familiarity.

With employment at 16, she sought stability, security and fostered a desire to better her circumstances. She received her G.E.D, Health Unit Coordinator certificate and cosmetology license, finding purpose in connecting with each clientele and bettering the women’s self-esteem. Her studio, “Hair by Keshia” is 9 years in running. She is currently retrieving her instructor’s license for Aurora Public School.

Her vision for a greater quality of life for herself and those around her continues to flourish. Lakeshia has also received a 5013c in 2014 to begin a non-profit organization called Divine Restoration Inc. Divine Restoration is a transitional home to help woman with or without children in instability, and in turn, creating opportunities for people who have a desire to help others overcome their struggle. She is currently seeking sponsors to help with in attaining this home.

A few words…

Carrying around spirits of rebellion, attack, anger, defenses, I witnessed the terrors of such spiritual captivity. I want to be that person of experience who won’t reject others and embody perseverance through adversity. Of course I’m still fighting against these familiar thoughts but with the experience and wisdom from growth, I have the ability to recognize the attacks and defend myself with the help of God.

I can honestly say that I have no other duty here on this earth other than to share my survival story and utilize my strength to assist others in need. Humbled, blessed and learning every day, I have full faith in Divine Restoration